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Responsible business is not just about being environmentally conscious or encouraging staff to volunteer. A sustainable workforce is equally as important and employee health is a big challenge for companies. A healthy workforce and wider community are fundamental to the longevity of a business and success of an economy.

Physical inactivity carries health risks like obesity, stroke and diabetes. The proportion of Croydon adults participating in the recommended level of physical activity is significantly lower than the national average. Partly a result of this, Croydon has a higher number of detected diabetes than the average in England and Wales.

of 10-11 year olds are either overweight or obese.
people aged 18-64 are predicted to have a common mental health problem
of adults are inactive

Croydon Commitment Health and Wellbeing Programme

Our Education Programme has been developed to address both the health and wellbeing of business volunteers and the wider health and wellbeing of Croydon residents. We work with a range of stakeholders to deliver a bespoke programme to our partners.

Sustainability Development Goals targeted:

Croydon Commitment Health and Wellbeing Workshops and Talks
Croydon Commitment offers members the opportunity to hold workshops and talks to promote Health and Wellbeing the workplace and in the wider community. They include the following

  • Mental Health awareness
  • Stress Management
  • Caring for Elderly parents – the options
  • Becoming a Dementia friend
  • Good Nutrition
  • Family well-being
The Impact
These workshops and talks provide a safe environment for employees to get targeted information from health and well-being professionals. Feedback from workshops has been positive and improve the general well-being of the workplace.
Croydon Commitment Food Projects
Croydon Commitment currently partners with two local charities which focus on Health and Wellbeing; Good Food Matters and Revivify Community Initiative. The aim of Good Food Matters is to work with the community to help connect us to the food we eat and how it is produced. GFM is committed to empowering people in the community by teaching the invaluable skills of growing and cooking with sustainably produced food. Revivify Community Initiative (formally Croydon foodbank) combines the delivery of short term immediate food provision with access to volunteering, job opportunities and support. Employee volunteers can work with both projects in a number of different ways from providing direct food donations at food receptacles to volunteering onsite.
The Impact
Croydon has both a childhood obesity and an adult obesity problem. Obesity can lead to stigma, bullying, low self esteem and is associated with a range of health problems including heart and liver disease,Type 2 diabetes and cancer. Long term success requires behavioural change and requires children and adults to make different choices on the types of food and size of portions. This requires education and intervention. Working in partnership with other agencies to make a direct impact on behavioural change around food has additional benefits.
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