Croydon has a slightly higher rate of employment compared to London and the National average. However, residents tend to be employed in low-wage, low-skilled jobs in the business administration, support and retail sectors, rather than in high-wage/high skilled sectors.

The challenge is two fold; to both support residents into employment and to raise the aspirations of residents to obtain degree level qualifications.

In addition, youth unemployment remains higher than both London and National averages. Unemployment can lead to poor health but can also lead to social isolation and exclusion, poor quality of life and low levels of general well-being.

1 in 10
working age adults claim out-of-work benefits
of working age people have no qualifications
Croydon has a higher level of youth unemployment claimant rate 4.8% against a London average of 3.2%

Croydon Commitment Employability Programme

Our Employability Programme has been developed to raise the skills attainment in Croydon and open up Croydon businesses to local people. Our programme has a strong focus on youth unemployment and we work with London Youth as part of the Talent Match Croydon programme to raise aspirations and employability of young people in Croydon.

Sustainability Development Goals targeted:

Croydon Commitment Business Open Door Week: 1st-7th October
Croydon Commitment Business Open Door Week is a chance for companies to engage with targeted groups in the community experiencing a period of unemployment. The aim is to break down barriers, improve residents understanding of a business setting and improve clients’ prospects. It is a great opportunity to get a taste of a variety of working experiences that include sales, marketing, finance and other areas of expertise. In addition, it’s a fantastic way for residents to gain a better grasp of business expectations and practices.
In 2018 our focus is on young people in partnership with Talent Match Croydon we are holding a week of events in October to open the businesses doors to young people.
The Impact
Business Open Door Week is an aspirational event for local residents which has resulted in direct employment opportunities for the local community. The programme has had a huge impact on beneficiaries confidence about both themselves and entering work. They really value the opportunity to engage with employers through the event. Business Open Door Week 2018 aims to help support young people to develop the skills, confidence and resilience they need to build a fulfilling career.
Croydon Commitment Employability Skills Workshops
Croydon Commitment’s Employability Skills Workshops are offered to targeted groups such as refugees, those with disabilities (mental health, learning difficulties, physical) and ex-offenders.
Different target groups face different challenges when attempting to gain employment. For example unemployment is a major barrier to refugees ability to thrive. Some of the main issues they face are lack of understanding of UK work culture as well as being restricted to low paid jobs. Existing support such as English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes are not work focused. Conversely, the transition for ex-offenders offers different challenges to entering work such as how previous convictions should be disclosed during the interview process and giving practical help needed to find suitable positions.
The Impact
Working, whether paid or unpaid, is good for our health and well-being. Increased employment opportunities reduce poverty and bring additional growth to the local economy. Raising aspirations of residents brings an additional vibrancy to the area. Feedback from workshops is always positive with local residents leaving with a renewed self-belief and confidence to apply for employment opportunities.
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