Croydon Commitment
Croydon Commitment
What We Do

What We Do

We run a comprehensive programme of activity in Croydon, designed to:

Broker sustainable relationships across Croydon through a programme of focused community activity that complements and enhances borough-wide activity.

• Involve businesses 

- in voluntary activities that promote social inclusion through raising aspiration and educational attainment opportunities, helping local people to access employment opportunities from Croydon’s development and regeneration

- in voluntary activities that promote health, well-being and environmental improvements in the Borough

Help businesses develop and implement strong and sustainable local community investment plans, complementing an authentic CSR approach and ensuring that the benefits of Croydon’s regeneration and growth reach local people.

Provide on-going learning and improvement in community investment and CSR best practice

Inspire employees and other stakeholders to engage with a community investment programmes

Communicate the positive impact of these activities in Croydon


The Foundation Partners

  • Croydon Partnership
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